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Insurance Maximization

Smiling woman holding an umbrellaIn today’s healthcare market, no matter what field you practice in, insurance is always a factor, and with constantly shifting legislation, it’s more complicated than ever. With an ever-growing number of providers and policies out there, it can be confusing to know which ones you should be participating in, let alone what all they entail. Then, there is the issue of continuing compliance, making sure you’re meeting all of the legal and regulatory requirements year after year.

No More Headaches

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With the help of Christa and Exclusive Healthcare Solutions, we can turn this ball of confusion into a fantastic asset for your practice. Christa will talk with you and learn about your local market so she can help you choose the best networks to participate in, and then she and her team will make sure you’re properly credentialed. Her team will even work directly with providers to ensure that you get maximum reimbursement. Despite what you may have heard from providers, reimbursement rates are indeed negotiable, and when you have Exclusive Healthcare Solutions in your corner, you can trust that you’ll be well taken care of.

It Doesn’t Stop There

Of course, once you are participating in a selection of plans, then you need to make sure your staff actually knows how to implement them into your practice’s daily operations. We can take care of that part as well, helping them learn everything from how to handle automated billing to strategies they can use when they’re on the phone with providers or patients asking about their benefits.

We’ll even follow-up with compliance auditing, ensuring that your practice is up to date and in line with all the standards your different networks have, even as they change over time

Insurance: Handled

Altogether, we’ll make sure that insurance only contributes to your practice and never takes away time or money. More and more people are participating in insurance, and with our help, they’ll soon be coming to your practice.

To learn more about how we can help you grow your practice and utilize insurance, please contact us today.