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Free Practice Analysis

Customer Care Coaching

Christa talking with doctorsAll of the slick and well-researched marketing strategies pale in comparison to simple, low-tech word of mouth referrals. Successful practices are built upon a foundation of referrals, and they are brought about by an amazing patient experience. What is the patient experience like at your practice? What does it feel like when someone is on the phone with your team, visiting your website, or walking into your office? The kinds of experiences that lead to word of mouth don’t just happen—you need a plan, you need a strategy, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Christa and her team at Exclusive Healthcare Solutions.

Creating Memorable Experiences

Smiling woman at doctor's office

It all starts with hiring the right people, which we can help you do as well. We can also work with your existing team and let you know where your customer service is strong and where it can be improved. We’ll look at all the points of contact your practice has with the public and optimize them to ensure your patients always have a wonderful experience that will have them leaving reviews and talking to loved ones.

Nothing Christa does is one-size-fits-all. Certain teams are better on the phone, some are best in person, and others truly flourish on the internet. Do you know where each member of your team is strongest? Christa will take the time to learn about your team and figure this out, so rather than having the people you trust work against their nature, she’ll simply figure out how to get the most out of them.

She can also work directly with you if you would like to improve your bedside manner. Do you feel awkward around certain kinds of patients? Are their particular questions that cause you to stumble? Whatever your practice needs to improve the patient experience, we’ll be able to figure it out and lay out a step by step plan to help you reach specific, measurable goals.

It’s All Possible

With the right word of mouth, one patient can easily turn into 10, 20, 50, and so on until your reviews are off the charts and your schedule is filled with appointments. If you want to turn your practice into a place patients love and can’t wait to talk about, contact us today.